What’s Linkury All About?

Sometimes, when you look at a very successful company, you think to yourself, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that.” After all, it didn’t involve the re-invention of the wheel or sending someone to Mars, it just involved having an intuitive feel for what people are looking for and satisfying that need. And so it is when considering the Linkury SmartBar Windows Gadget – it doesn’t re-invent the tool bar or the content publishing space; however it does take it to the next level.

The innate intelligence behind this step up in toolbars, which seems like such an obvious evolution, is due to the profound understanding of the founders of Linkury, whose many years of online experience enabled them to see how the convergence of social media and marketing could best be leveraged for content creators and a public hungry for new products.

The Linkury SmartBar Windows Gadget is a toolbar that can be configured and customized according to the user’s desires by adding their own widgets to the SmartBar. It is a free download that respects user privacy and is free of any malicious “ware” of any kind.

The genius of the SmartBar is in its simplicity. It is easy and instinctive to use and provides functionality that is targeted to heavy users of social media and search. Social media is all about sharing – sharing experiences, sharing gossip, sharing knowledge, sharing content; you name it, people want to share it. The SmartBar enables users to share across multiple social media sites simultaneously with one-click functionality thereby saving time and repetitive tasks. Similarly, search across multiple search engines can be performed simultaneously with one-click and compared on the one screen.

The good old KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid, is alive and well with the SmartBar and that is its appeal. The SmartBar has a dedicated following and this is what brings us to the knockout punch for people seeking to get their content known, distributed, and monetized.

There is an avid audience for the SmartBar and it can be easily integrated into content via a script and white-labeled as your own free add-on. Integrating the SmartBar helps generate downloads of your content as well as generating many other benefits to content publishers.

Assimilating the SmartBar with your content gives you immediate access to the cloud via the Amazon AWS and Windows Azure cloud infrastructure. All the benefits of the cloud such as faster downloads, scalability, multiple downloads, and more stable downloads are yours for the taking. The SmartBar also places other monetization tools such as contextual advertising at your disposal. The opportunity to receive advertising revenue as well as legitimacy via association with Tier 1 advertisers is also now a possibility.

And to keep track of the success of your content and marketing tactics, the SmartBar has an in-built analytics system that gathers actionable data and presents it in an easy to understand and easy to manipulate manner so that you can generate an excellent feel for how your marketing endeavors are progressing and how they can be tweaked for further benefit.

The Linkury SmartBar Windows Gadget is a very intelligent add-on for anyone looking to partner up with a leader in the online marketing world. The product is a win-win-win – a win for the user, a win for the publisher, and a winner for Linkury.



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